You have now discovered the OLD Rule book, altered and amended it and come up with YOUR rule book, discovered more rules as you worked through the emotional files and updated YOUR rule book – the one you would be happy to pass on to your children or any you teach.
This is an ongoing process in life as nothing remains static.
You have discovered through observation and attention your thought, the corresponding emotion and physical sensations. Now we move to the physical state.
As you wrote or used any of the techniques you became consciously aware of the physical sensations that accompany each emotion and so could work backward or forward in order to know what needed doing on the other levels.
By using the signs of your physical form you can get clues on what needs looking at in the emotional cabinet
We have all heard of ‘comfort eating’ – so
WHAT is the comfort needed – a hug, an outing, a friend to talk to ??
By thinking on this we can feed ourselves comfort without it taking the form of food.
Our bodies are constantly communicating with us, by observing we can begin to deduce what it is saying – books give a general outline – now fine tune that by paying attention to your body and its movements. Do you forever have accidents where you hurt yourself –
What is it you feel guilty about??
Are you forever coming out in spots, rashes, boils –
What are you angry about?
Do you keep getting colds –
What do you need to cry about?
Coughs –
what do you need to say and who do you need to say it to – use pen and paper, then burn the letter.
Nerve pain –
What is getting on your nerves – again pen and paper.
Think of the sayings we use – ‘---- gets up my nose’ ‘--- gets my back up’ ‘sick with worry’ ‘---- pain in the proverbial’
Think of how we express physical ailments – ‘I have a bad back’ ‘My chest hurts’
‘stiff neck’
Yes, I know they are just sayings – or are they?
Instead of ‘I have a bad back’ we could substitute ‘I am bad’ and see where that leads us, clear the file and see what happens in the physical.
Instead of ‘My chest hurts’ substitute ‘I hurt’ and follow that thread through the emotional pain, clear it, get off your chest what it is you need to say – see what happens.
You might think about reading books by Louise L Hay which gives the correlation between physical states and emotional states. It was one of the books that started me thinking along different lines and you might find them useful. Many courses and workshops are run by practitioners of this discipline.
I have discovered that an individual’s unconscious belief system governs what happens to them, that a lack of knowledge does not negate TRUTH, that the body does not lie and answers immediately a question is asked, so fast that a blink of the eye can miss it. Obligingly, the body repeats the answer again and again in response to the question, one has only to observe to learn what is being said.
Each individual, being unique, has their own language e.g. one person might get cold feet when frightened, another might need the toilet, another might start shaking and so on.
With time and practice you will begin to identify your own code and use it to help yourself clear the files so the energy flows unimpeded to the physical.
Be aware that when first you start, just like a fever, things can get worse before they begin to get better – all is change – sometimes we don’t appreciate the changes – but the end result makes the journey worthwhile
With all that you have thought, felt and done you have been changing the way you look at life and its events, the people around you, the way you react/respond/behave and unwittingly acclimatized yourself to what most people fear – CHANGE.
Seeing the results helps us welcome change just like the chance to go on holiday, hopefully you have more faith in yourself, have acquired new abilities, discovered your talents, begun to see CHALLENGES as OPPORTUNITIES.
You have discovered your body knows what it needs and have started listening to it, eating when hungry, not when the clock says its time, resting when you feel, not when a clock tells you to, no longer a workaholic, judging yourself because you are doing nothing for a change. The more you fine tune your senses the more you are consciously aware of the needs of any aspect of you and how to meet those needs - company, solitude, nature, noise, movement, rest, entertainment and so on.

Often we think there is a lack in some part of our lives and work to alter it – now you need to look at what you are working on and recognise that what is happening in your life is the direct result of what you have asked for – be it by prayer, affirmation, mental imagery, whatever.
Most carers have no problem giving – they have problems taking – so lets start with that. The individual decides they will take as well as give – life then brings many opportunities to practise this so they can build mental and emotional muscles.
The first step is to take all that is offered whether or not it is actually wanted – this helps acclimatization to the new act of taking, then only take what is actually required until it is no big deal and they can equally take or give without emotional overload and easily say Yes please or No thankyou.
Easy? – no – observe your immediate reaction when someone offers to give or do something – is the first thought to refuse under the guise of ‘don’t want to put you out’ ‘don’t want to impose’ ‘cannot possibly accept’ and so on. Is there something you find easier to accept than others and what is the REAL difference? Do you feel obliged to give/do something in return or can you just graciously accept.
A thought to bear in mind is that
giving is receiving and receiving is giving – a world with no takers would be a desert to those who wanted to give.
Is the hardest word for you YES or NO – walk around the house saying it out loud in as many different tones as you can – acclimatize your ears to hearing this come out of your mouth, with no repercussions from anyone, so that when the time comes to say it to another it is no big deal and can be done graciously.
Do you conform even when you don’t want to, do you send cards, give gifts because it is the done thing, do you say you’re fine when in reality you feel like death warmed up, do you need the approval of others in order to feel good about yourself?
Use the mirror – look at yourself and say out loud – I love you (your name) do this constantly, whenever you see your reflection – in a shop window, in the mirror – mentally if others are around, out loud if you are alone, try to maintain eye contact with your image and don’t worry if you can’t – you may feel foolish, fidget, giggle nervously, but if you persist you will find that one day you can look at yourself, maintain eye contact and speak the truth of loving yourself – your eyes and facial expression will tell you when it is finally the truth, and in your life will be those who will truly love you – not just say they do.
You can use this technique for accepting your love, approving of yourself, being proud of yourself – all that you need to alter your self-image and then watch life reflect back to you the truth of what you NOW believe deep in your heart.
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