You have started a new way of perceiving life, begun to welcome change, enjoying opportunities to learn, discovering ways to deal with. Now I would like to share with you some other things I have learned along my way.
Students or patients often told me they did not have time. So I looked for a way to incorporate personal growth into everyday life.
First we start by cleaning out what we found – so each day in household cleaning actions consciously say mentally or out loud ‘so too do I let go of all that I no longer need with love and thanks for the experience/s and the knowledge gained’ – this can be whilst washing, hoovering, throwing out the garbage, weeding the garden, bathing, showering, and so on. This begins the conscious co-operation of the mental, emotional and physical self – acknowledging the value of all past events, the gift of knowledge/wisdom/truth contained within each experience, the actions taking the message through to the subconscious which works with symbolism.
Another household chore (to some) ironing can be used to iron out the difficulties in any relationship or scenario – ‘as I use the warmth of the iron to iron out the creases, so too do I smooth out all that is needed in the scenarios/the relationships’
This concept can be utilised with all forms of housework, painting, decorating, spring cleaning, restoring old furniture, craftwork, sewing, changing the bed linen.
It gradually becomes a way of life – no housework is then looked on as a chore, no extra time is needed for personal growth and new ideas flow in on how other aspects of one’s life can be so utilised.
When cooking or dishing up ask that the food be blessed and energised so that it is conducive to the welfare and well-being of those who will be eating it.
Going through old drawers and cupboards, giving things to the charity shops can all be used to pass on the love and pleasure derived from the items to those who will receive them.
The front garden - the conscious self and the image presented to the world. The back garden - the subconscious where new ways, ideas, plans, thoughts begin to germinate and grow. The house is symbolic of where consciousness lives, each room representative of an aspect and action in any room tells YOU which part is being worked on and what is being done. The transport - the way of going through life – its condition and even the amount of fuel in the tank all have meaning to help know how one is doing on the path of
At various times of the day opening the hands as wide as possible can ease the tension in them and be used the convey the message of
LETTING GO easily to the subconscious thus beginning to register the association with pleasure.
Whilst sitting and relaxing – rotating the feet from the ankles is doing the same and preparing one to walk a new path
So have fun, use your imagination, enjoy all the different types of weather, see the beauty all around and begin to comprehend that this is one giant
PLAYGROUND where we learn through understanding the GAME.
You learned to use different masks to help you get through different parts of your childhood in order to be accepted by different groups. Behind all of these masks you continued wearing in all areas of your adult life is the real you, unique and shining, now take off those masks as
you get to know you and allow the world to meet YOU.

Welcome to the World my friend – You are its peaceful future.

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