Let us put the concept of re-incarnation to one side and deal with this life – an infant enters the world – a bit like a blank sheet of paper – all the data it receives from sensory input, the tone of voices, actions of those around, begin to form the building blocks of concepts, its perception of this world and its place in it.
No one around the infant knows what is going on in its head, therefore they cannot correct any misperceptions, so it begins – the kind of concept arrived at takes into account many factors, the immediate family behaviour, the society, the culture, the religion, and so on. Each subsequent event reinforces the initial belief and it becomes fact to the infant, the toddler, the adolescent and finally the adult.
As time passes these misperceptions move into the subconscious mind and direct behaviour, reaction or response, part of the individual’s habitual way of behaving.
To find your rule book – the one you live your life by – write out under the various subheadings of your life e.g. - family, work, love life, business, relationships, finance what you believe should be the way of behaviour i.e. family should stick together no matter what.
Now write out all the I should, I must, I have to, I ought to, I’ve got to and the corresponding opposites and you might discover a few more rules. You might have one set of rules for business and one for family or whatever – each time you become aware of a rule e.g. you get angry with someone – what rule have they broken – add it to your book of rules.
At a later time go through these rules and see if YOU agree with them – are some totally inappropriate, too unwieldy, need a major overhaul, need a slight amendment, need to be retained. Eventually you will have YOUR rule book – the one you would pass on to your children and hopefully it will be a lot different than those that have been handed down from generation to generation without anyone asking ‘who said so, is this really appropriate to me and the era in which I live’?
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