A Peaceful World – that’s what we all want – or do we???
Systems designed over millennia by countless civilisations have not been able to solve this most basic problem and provide lasting peace.
Currently the world in which we live is anything but peaceful. How do we achieve the seemingly impossible?
A Peaceful World is created by peaceful inhabitants – those with a burning desire for peace, do not indulge in violence of any description to any life form.
Utopia! – Fantasy! – NO – achievable by each and everyone working towards this end in every aspect of their daily life.
However, in human form we are all subject to varying degrees of various emotions. How then do we allow ourselves to feel, yet not act out/from these emotions, to the detriment of ourselves and/or our fellow man and all forms of life on this planet, including the planet.
Here I offer ways and means, to constructively express any emotion you may feel – not by setting aside time to do it – but as part of your ordinary everyday activities.
I offer you the opportunity to look at your rule book – question the rules you have unconsciously been following – ways to understand the clues you constantly give yourself – the language from the inner self to the outer self.
I ask that you think on what is offered as
‘food for thought’ – decide if you have had enough of the ‘old ways of behaving ’ and want more than anything else to be what you really are ‘a multi-faceted diamond ’ allowing this to shine its light into every area of your life.
I do not promise you ‘instant’ success, but, with each step taken you will move towards the light at the end of the tunnel, finally you will no longer be fettered by old beliefs, old habits, old ideas, ways that once useful, now only hold you back.
You can create your own new rule book that empowers you and all around you – from experience we gain knowledge, from the application of knowledge we gain wisdom.
Love is our most powerful gift – first, we learn to give it to ourselves – as we truly accept all aspects of ourselves as being equally valid – we are able to extend that outwards and accept others as they are at any given moment.

Picture the scene – a mountain topped with snow and ice – slowly melting - the water runs down the sides – depending on the terrain, it may trickle drop by drop, be a little stream, a torrent, or then again it may be contained in a hollow as a pool.

The snow and ice represent God, the Universe, Cosmic Consciousness, Great Mystery, The Source, whatever you want to call it and the melting water the energy flowing through to all life forms.
This energy flows through each of the energy layers till it reaches the physical – if it is unimpeded in its journey – through the energy self, mental self, and emotional to the physical, the abundance and perfection manifests in the physical
On each level there would be a corresponding change –
at energy level – perhaps another colour, a clearing of colour, a deepening/lightening of hue, whatever.
the mental the change could be of a thought, concept, idea, a dogma born of old conditioning, - this could be subtle, a slight change needed, or, a drastic overhaul
the emotional the change could lead to different emotions of varying intensity and the experiencing of new emotions, maybe not consciously, experienced before – all of this needs to be expressed, reaction to response time varies from individual to individual as it could fall in the persons idea of taboo, negative, ‘not quite the done thing’ and so on.
Finally to
the physical where the change could manifest in bodily condition, habits, environment etc.
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