This site is dedicated to all who seek to move into

Conscious Awareness of Wholeness, to all who seek to walk their talk, to all who physically embody the spirit of the ‘Family of Man’ and care enough, to never give up in their quest to find the way.

My own journey started many years ago, deep soul searching led to my questioning the belief system I had been raised in and took me on many roads that once, I would never even have considered.

As I look back I am grateful for the many events, without which I would never have questioned or gone searching for answers. I am amazed at how my perception of events has so drastically altered from how once I viewed them, how that in turn has led to my view now. Life guided by inner wisdom is in reality a wonderful
Voyage of Discovery – a bit like being on a constant mystery tour – with ever more wonders being revealed around each bend.

I have worked with the Public most of my life, been a physical therapist, worked in Complementary therapy fields, taught privately, in educational establishments, led groups, run workshops and courses for myself and others, worked with many energy disciplines.

I believe passionately in true freedom of choice, the ability of all to achieve their potential, given the opportunity –
providing they truly have the desire to do so.

The amount of want determines the amount of effort.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to do so, use any information that you find useful on this site, it is a way of perception that may be helpful, born of my personal experiences, it is not the only way.

If you do not receive an answer to your email, please keep trying, no technology is infallible.

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